Sport ponies for the future

Combining superior European and New Zealand bloodlines to consistently produce a mount that has the ability to perform in athletic disciplines at the highest level.

It is our intention to breed performance sport ponies, not show ponies, and we rely heavily on the dedication of previous breeders and what they have produced as the stock that we will be working with.

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How it all began

We began breeding in 2001 with the goal of producing a versatile line of pony that could provide both the fun of casual riding and the capability to compete at a level to suit its rider.

With judicious breeding we have reduced the guesswork involved in producing the "type" of pony that has the temperament suitable for a junior rider, is capable of the training required and has the physical capability to develop the high standard necessary for a successful pony athlete.

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Kaitake Tuatahi

Kaitake Tuatahi is a purpose-bred sport pony stallion who has been classified by the New Zealand Warmblood Horse Association as a licensed pony stallion.

His overall score combining conformation, movement and general impression was 78.0% out of a possible 100%. Tahi scored extremely well in the jumping technique and jumping scope. He also made an overall good general impression and scored highly for his temperament.

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