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August 2010

Amy Barrack with Kaitake Stella at a jumping day in Papatoetoe, Auckland.

Kaitake Stella is out competing at SJ training days and dressage days and has been doing extremely well, winning the majority of her dressage tests against hacks and is also is really happy jumping.

Stella is now jumping happily around 80cm with a beautiful rhythm and has a really natural jump in her, with nothing phasing her. She is happy to do cross country, dressage and show jumping and does them all with ease. Stella has also competed cross country and just loves it including jumping the water and ditches … not a problem and won her first ODE outing in the Autumn!!

She has just been measured for the second year now and is 148cm with ease so we are very pleased.

A strong athletic well built pony with lovely paces and good looks, she is taking her new competition life pretty much in her stride. Also loads onto a float or truck.

We cannot wait until the season starts for Stella who has presence and the ability to go far with a very trainable nature and great athletic ability.




Amy Barrack and Kaitake Spring.

Kaitake Spring is now out starting to compete and has the most fantastic nature.

Spring was broken in last Nov/Dec and ridden over the Christmas New Year period and then spelled for a little while. He has been ridden consistently since early April and is up in Hamilton doing a few training SJ and Dressage days etc.

He has been to some shows/training days both in Hamilton and in Taranaki. Spring is doing some low show jumping rounds and been going over basic cross country jumps as well as now has a couple of dressage days up his sleeve.

Spring has a really nice nature and is a special boy. He is happy to try new things when shown. He is happy to load first on to the float or truck if required. Spring doesn’t seem to stress about things even if nervous. He is quick to learn and takes things in his stride when given the time to soak up what is around. Has a beautiful huge springy jump on him with the added advantage of a great nature so just seems to take things as they come.

A very strong pony with presence and a very trainable nature he will go far.

Spring has measured in at 148cm with ease with the official measuring system and he is also now registered and ID’d.

Now that they are out both Stella and Spring are starting to be noticed and take peoples’ eyes. We are very pleased with them.



July 2010We have sold Kaitake Sirsimmo to Amy Barrack of Auckland and he could not have gone to a better home. Monkey (as he is affectionately called) has well and truly landed in heaven with Amy and her Mum Renate.Amy is a very confident and competent young rider who is very instinctive and has an amazing understanding of animals.

She and Monkey have a great future together and he appears to be extremely happy in his new home.

We are so pleased they found each other … thanks to Renate and her perseverance!!


February 2009

Tahi went out to a few local shows this summer while we had a rider available and showed a real maturity for his age. He was one of the calmest horses at the A&P show with the sideshows and in his few short outings jumped 1.10m like he had done it for years.


May 2008

Onetai Pony Stud has produced two lovely foals by Tahi.


Onetai Champagne and Onetai Gem both had fillies. Maree Bryant, who owns and runs Onetai with her husband, Alistar, also have their own stallion, but have used Tahi to diversify their bloodlines.

Both fillies were born strong and correct.




Poppy has been sold to the Sorrensons in New Plymouth, who once used to breed the Gold Dust line. So far they are extremely happy with her.




October 2007

Tahi’s first foal from 2007 has been born. Read more


October 2007


Mathew Gilmour and Tahi attended a showjumping day at Hawera recently.

Tahi has a good work ethic and is settling to his life out and about quite quickly. He is behaving well out and appears to learn quickly, showing patience. The showjumping day was in an area where there were boxes but quite a distance from the rings. Due to co-ordinating the rounds with the other horses being ridden by Mathew meant I elected to stand Tahi in the truck near the rings while he was not competing. Tahi behaved himself extremely well for over 4 1/2 hours before we headed for home.

The day was extremely windy with jumps falling down. Tahi jumped without fuss and appeared very un-phased by the jumps including most fills which he has not viewed before. His attitude to his work to date is very pleasing as he is not yet five until the end of December.


Tahi also had a lesson with Michael Putz, recently, which was held at Vanessa Way’s property, Taranaki.



September 2007


Pictures by Barbara Thomson


July 2007

Tahi and Elsa Wrathall at Tielcey Park.
Photo: Cassandra Power

Tahi attended Tielcey Park Dressage at the beginning of June. He competed in the preliminary classes on both the Saturday and Sunday against the hacks as he had an adult rider. One of the judges commented on his nice paces and that they would improve more as he develops as he is only four. We were very pleased with his performance considering it was really his first official outing and competition.

On the first day he came second in one of his tests and managed to place in the top 10 horses for the rest of the weekend which was well above the first half in all the classes.

He has since competed at a local dressage competition in Hawera and received a 3rd placing and fourth placing again against hacks in the preliminary classes. He has scored in the majority of his tests above 60% with his two most recent tests being 65.9% and 62.4%.

He will be competing in showhunter this coming weekend and we are really keen to see how he goes as he has a real natural ability with jumping and a very good technique. He seems to be coping well with other horses around and manages to settle to his work once he realises what is expected of him.


Tahi and Mathew Gilmour at Hawera.

News at Home

We are just in the throws of completing a round arena and will be starting to break some of the younger stock in. Sirsimmo will be broken in first and we will proceed to start working more with Stella and Poppy. All of the offspring are looking particularly good and have that good strong bone passed down from their Sire. Stella in particular we believe is a really stunning filly with the most amazing nature. She is big and strong with lovely markings and a beautiful kind eye, we think she is rather special and exactly the type we have aimed for when breeding.

Spring has been gelded and is showing the same lovely nature. He has inherited his dam’s beautiful paces but also has that really good strong bone and shape plus the nature.

Riley is still at this stage a colt but is showing no signs of it as yet. He too has the kindest nature and really good bone. All of the offspring are in good health and are very low maintenance.

Photos will be updated once their summer coats are through.

Daisy Mae and Portia are the only two in foal this season as we though we have given Foxy a break after Riley as he was a large foal and born late in the season.


March 2007

Kaitake Tuatahi was presented for Classification for the NZWHA Studbook as a Sport Pony Stallion on March 4 at Abderry Equine. The classification panel consisted of judges from both New Zealand and Germany.

Kaitake TuatahiWe are pleased to announce that he passed his classification with very good feedback from the senior German judge who supports the selective breeding of sport ponies to provide capable and sensible mounts for our children to enjoy.

Kaitake Tuatahi’s overall score combining conformation, movement and general impression was 78.0% out of a possible 100%. Tahi scored extremely well in the jumping technique and jumping scope. He also made an overall good general impression and scored highly for his temperament.

The judging panel was impressive in both the cumulative and individual knowledge evident in their understanding of the conformation, ability and temperament necessary to produce suitable offspring.

The feedback was delivered in an informative and extremely professional manner with all facets of the stallions presented being evaluated and discussed.

We at Kaitake Stud are grateful to the NZWHA for organizing this opportunity and providing such an excellent venue and judging panel.

This is a first for New Zealand as Tuatahi is the only New Zealand bred Warmblood Sport pony stallion.


December 2006

Goldilocks foaled on December 21 and produced a very small and quite weak filly who developed pneumonia in the unusually cold conditions for that time of year. She unfortunately developed complications related to feeding and the pneumonia. She died on Christmas day of all days. We named her Flower. She was a little bay and very tiny apparently like her mother was as a foal.



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