About us

about2Kaitake Sport Pony Stud is owned and operated by Jim and Brodwyn Wrathall, with assistance from daughters Elsa and Leila when the work load demands, or on their breaks from university studies.

We began breeding in 2001 with the goal of producing a versatile line of pony that could provide both the fun of casual riding and the capability to compete at a level to suit its rider.

We have been fortunate to have had the services of several such ponies over the past 15 years and believe that with judicious breeding we would be able to reduce the guesswork involved in producing the “type” of pony that has the temperament suitable for a junior rider, is capable of accepting the training regime required and has the physical capability to develop through correct training the ability to satisfy the high standard necessary for a successful pony athlete.

It is our intention to breed performance sport ponies, not show ponies, although we do accept that a significant gene pool exists in New Zealand of ponies with very correct conformation and we rely heavily on the dedication of previous breeders and what they have produced as the stock that we will be working with.

about1We have been on a steep learning curve since our first foal was conceived. While we thought we knew a bit about the equine world through preparation of ponies and horses for competition to national three-day event level, the breeding aspect was a complete unknown to us.

With the assistance of several people that we have met as part of this new endeavour we are now confident to conduct most of the activities involved with breeding including collection for AI. We also have the support of a very competent veterinarian group who are keen to develop the AI service in Taranaki.

It has been of great pleasure for us to meet new people and we would like to express our gratitude to those who have given us the benefit of their experience in this fascinating venture.